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Comin' on Strong
1. Putcha Finger on the Record
2. Give it a Rest
3. Just when I think I'm over you
4. Don't Wanna Stop
5. Wrong all Along
6. Fall Apart
7. Better things to do
8. Terrified
9. Something from you
10. Not Without you
11. OMG 

'Comin' on Strong' - Press Reviews

'A top 20 sound' Katie owen’s debut album: Steve – editor – THE MAG

'A comtemporary pop production' Sam Inglis: – Sound on Sound

‘Comin' On Strong’ - a punchy collection of love songs; there’s the catchy, double-entendre, ‘young, free & single’ club song ‘Putcha finger on the record’. Followed by, ‘Give it a rest’ a caustic, laconic dismissal of the Lothario ‘with no heart’.  This gives way to the gentle, country-rock ballad ‘Just when I think I’m over you’ describing the torn emotions of the victim in an ‘is it on, off or over’ relationship.  The tempo picks up with the riotous ‘Don’t Wanna stop’ a hedonistic girl power track; describing the ‘across the crowded room’ moment when you spot the one you want, the pace falls back into ‘Wrong all along’; time and tears wasted until you finally give up and say goodbye. The aftermath of unrequited love is depicted in ‘Fall Apart’ – a banging outburst of fury and pain. This is followed by the bitter indifference of ‘Better things to do’ a disparaging response to the one who had once dominated waking thoughts. The upbeat ‘Terrified’ is a roller coaster take on the giddy heights, boundless hopes and uncontrolled feelings of new love. Katie’s smoky voice then takes on the plaintive ‘Something from you’ a plea for some sign that your love is reciprocated. The heartbreakingly smooth vocals of ‘Not Without you’ articulate the desolation of loss in a desolate exposé of raw and lonely pain. The album bounces back from its nadir with an acerbic wit with ‘OMG’ – when faced with the discovery that he’s ‘a woman on both arms and both legs kinda man’….oh my god, you are kidding me – this is the end….

If you would like to buy my album 'Comin' on Strong' then please click on the PAYPAL link  - this is a secure method - you do have to be a PAYPAL member, however, it is really easy to join, it is very secure and all conversion rates are worked out for you - Katie.


1. you're the one to go
2. i"m alright now
3. tryin'a tell ya
4. right from the start
5. the reason
6. what you've done to me
7. yes i do
8. faith died
9. i just might
10. one night
11. i lost me too
12. can't do this

black on black
Press Review

"more strong vocal performances that could easily be playing out on the chart show - certainly a rare talent"   Steve - the editor - The MAG

'Black on Black’    a dark and emotional roller-coaster ride; bursts open with You’re the one to go’ a rocky blast of frustration that ends the relationship with a bang. This is followed by a complete change of tempo – a heavy bass and a smoke-filled room, some cool vocals sung with disdain and making the calm statement ‘I’m alright now’.  The next track oozes irritation, ‘Tryin’ a tell ya’ is an appeal to the new love to just be patient and believe. There’s a soothing transfer to the haunting tones and heavy beat of ‘Right from the start’ an original take on the theme of love at first sight that offers a respite from the previous tracks with their more cynical take on love. There’s no time to relax as we crash into the kickin’ The Reason’ a derisive, searing, scornful response to what must be an actual event, so raw is the anger. In the next track ‘What you’ve done to me’   the lasting damage of an unsuccessful love affair is breathlessly revealed. The album changes gear again as the singer finds a calming relaxation in ‘Yes I do’, relieved that true love has finally been found.  ‘Faith died’ reveals the despair felt at losing someone close to you.  The mood lightens - imagine the dance floor and the best dancer in the room levelling a lightly menacing ‘I just might’ threat to a jealous audience. This is followed by the despairing ‘One night’ expression of anguish, pain and loneliness.  The evocative ‘I lost me too’ is a further expression - the pain of separation.  The album closes with ‘Can’t do this’ a plaintive cry for peace from a suffocating and demanding relationship.

If you would like to buy my album 'black on black' then please click on the PAYPAL link - this is a secure method - you do have to be a PAYPAL member, however, it is really easy to join, it is very secure and all conversion rates are worked out for you - Katie.

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